Snap Bean

Snap bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.), also widely known as French bean, is of growing importance in the socio-economic systems of east and central Africa (ECA). It is a crop with great potential for addressing food insecurity, improving incomes and alleviating poverty in the region. The crop ranks first among the export horticultural crops in Kenya. Other ECA countries with increasing production of snap bean are Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Snap bean production is dominated by rural small-scale farmers.  The main challenges in snap production include: (a) lack of high yielding, pest and disease resistant, and premium market value varieties; (b) high costs of pesticides; (c) low soil fertility and limited moisture; (d) high post-harvest losses; and (e) market constraints including stringent requirements in the international markets

The project aims to increase production and export of snap beans by developing and making available improved production practices to the small-scale farmers in ECA. The project places emphasis on development and dissemination of improved varieties, improved pest and disease management options, improved integrated soil fertility and water management options and improved post harvest management options in order to increase volume and value of snap bean products.


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