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Integration of camel research and development in the veterinary profession in Kenya and future

Despite being very important animal to pastoralist livelihood in arid and semi arid rangeland of northern Kenya, camel production as domestic livestock had little attention from the extension services agents and researchers in the past. This research study established the relationship between camel production management system by considering factors like breeds, feeds, extension services, disease control and marketing of camel and camel's products among Gabra pastoralist community in Marsabit North District of Marsabit County.

Survey, biology and control of agromyzid beanflies in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Kenya

Quality status of farm saved bean seed in Maragua sub -county and management of seed-borne diseases by seed treatment

Common bean ( Phaseolus vulgaris L .) is the leading food l egume widely grown in the world. In Kenya, beans play an important role of sustainable livelihood to millions of small scale fa rmers through provision of food security and income. However, farm saved bean seed is an important source of disease inoculu m for major bean diseases thus contributing to low bean production among small scale farmers. The overall objective of the study was to contribute to increased bean productivity through production of quality seed and reduction of seed - borne diseases by seed treatment.

Effect of rangeland rehabilitation on the herbaceous species composition and diversity in Suswa catchment, Narok County, Kenya

Land degradation is a serious environmental problem of our time. In Kenya, it is estimated that 30% of the total land mass is severely degraded. Suswa catchment within Narok County is a good example with gullies of over 25 m deep and 30 m wide. In response to the increasing land degradation in the area, the Sustainable Land Management (SLM) project rehabilitated the catchment through establishment of soil and water conservation structures such as cutoff drains, semicircular bunds, and water retention ditches.

Word order in Toposa: an aspect of multiple feature-checking

The purpose of this thesis Is to provide a feature-checking approach to sentence structure and language typology within the generative framework, based on Toposa, a highly inflectional Eastern Nilotic language of Sudan. It was common belief among generativists that in Universal Grammar (UG) the sentence is derived through a grammatical subject and its position in the inflectional phrase (IP) and the verb phrase (VP) that has a c-commanded object. This thesis suggests that factors beyond sentence level play an important role in the conceptualisation of sentences.

Crustal Evolution Of The Neoproterozoic Mozambique Belt Rocks In Matuu-masinga Area, Central Kenya: An Implication To Their Tectonic Setting And Potential Mineralization

The Matuu-Masinga study area, located about 70 km north-east of Nairobi, lies at the intersection of latitude 1010'S and longitude 37° 30E. The area is predominantly underlain by rocks of the Mozambique Belt (MB) in central Kenya. The MB itself exhibits a general N-S trend extending from Mozambique in the South, through East Africa and beyond to Ethiopia in the North. The MB has a complex history of superimposed deformation and metamorphism which consists of a high grade reworked or reactivated basement.

Power series distribution sand zero-inflated models

There are two main objectives in this project. First, to construct Power Series Distributions and obtain their properties. Specically, to express the Power Series Distributions in explicit form, in recursive form (in Katz recursive form), special function form (in terms of Confluent and Gauss hypergeometric functions), expectation form (in terms of probability generating functions) Secondly, to generalize Power Series Distributions by introducing an inflated parameter. Specifically, (i) To construct an inflated Poisson, Binomial, Negative Binomial and Logarithmic distributions.

Assessing East Africa Community initiatives in managing emerging cross border criminal trends

This thesis attempts to present an authentic picture of initiatives used in managing emerging criminal trends in cross border region of the East Africa by identifying the constituent features and major trends. Terrorism, kidnappings and cybercrime are some of the new forms of insecurity threatening the five East African Community member States and the proposed Regional Integration.

Land treatment effects on morphometric characters of Three grass species and economic returns from Reseeding in Kitui district, Kenya

This study was conducted to determine the effects of tractor-ploughing and handclearing as land treatment methods on morphometric characters and aboveground biomass production of Eragrostis superba, Cenchrus ciliaris and Enterepogon macrostachyus. The study also evaluated the returns from range reseeding in eastern Kenyan rangelands of Kitui district. Seed viability was tested under laboratory conditions following standard procedures using petri dishes over a period of 17 days.


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