The impact of child feeding practices on the nutritional status of children 0-24 months in Belet Hawa district, Gedo Region Somalia

Despite food ration distribution, presence of feeding programmes and provision of free health care, during emergencies, malnutrition and morbidity persist and constitute a threat to child survival, growth and development in Somalia. In this regard factors responsible for affecting child health and nutritional status namely; morbidity, mortality and food consumption patterns in Belet-hawa district of Somalia, have been investigated by Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other agencies.

Challenges to unmarried adolescent motherhood: A case study of Masaba South subcounty, Kisii county, Kenya.

The study examined the challenges in unmarried adolescent motherhood in Masaba South Sub County, Kisii County. Its main purpose was to establish the challenges in unmarried adolescent motherhood and to find all the impacts and thereby recommend ways in helping the situation and finally to identify and explain how these unmarried adolescent mothers cope and adopt in these challenges they face. Quantitative data were collected using structured questionnaires for individuals. The respondents were young mothers aged 15-19 years, who had had their first pregnancy between ages 13-19 years.

Evaluation of antimicrobial activity, toxicity and phytochemical screening of selected medicinal plants of losho, narok county, Kenya.

In Kenya, microbial infections are a major cause of morbidity. Antibiotic effectiveness is threatened by increasing resistance of pathogenic microbes against most available drugs as new pathogens continue to emerge. Currently, herbal remedies offer hope considering they are readily and cheaply available.

The effect of different levels of concentrate at different phases of lactation on milk production of lactating dairy cows

Eighteen lactating dairy cows were used to determine the effects of reallocation of a fixed amount of concentrates during the different phases of lactation on milk yield (both during period of feeding and total lactation yield) and live weight changes. The cows were randomly allocated to treatment groups as they calved. The design was randomised complete block design. There were two breeds {Friesians (405±21 kg) and Ayrshires (394±18 kg) each with nine cows} and three parities (2, 4 and 6) making six blocks. The cows were randomly assigned to the three treatments.

Prevalence, intensity and pathology of ecto and haemoparasites infections in indigenous chickens in eastern province of kenya

Indigenous chickens constitute over 81% of poultry in Kenya and produce 71% of eggs and poultry meat. Ecto- and haemoparasites limit production of these birds in the rural areas. However, no previous studies have been carried out in Kenya to determine the prevalence and intensity of infection with these parasites and their effect on the host.

China-Africa economic relations in the post Mao era: Case study of Sudan

The twenty first Century has seen a new era of closer ties between China and Africa than ever before. China-Africa formal relations began when Zheng He visited African coastal towns during the early fifteenth century. These early relations were largely based on trade exchange, which with time developed into project assistance and training of guerrillas for freedom movements against colonial regimes. During Mao's era (1949-76), China helped African nations, by providing weapons and moral support, in their struggle for independence.

The right to education for children in conflict situation: how responsive is Kenya?

Despite the importance of education there are approximately 72 million children out of school worldwide and more than half (37 million) live in conflict-affected and fragile states. Furthermore, an average of 750, 000 children have their education disrupted or halted due to humanitarian disasters each year. The right to quality education for children living in conflict affected regions has been greatly violated. It does not receive as much attention as other social economic rights.

Arbitration in kenya facilitating access to justiceby identifying and reducing challenges affecting arbitration

Solving Disputes at any level should be encouraged by creating mechanisms that resolve disputes fast and with least cost. The citizen should not be left to despair in the pursuit of justice but instead the legal institutions/facilitators should create an enabling environment that enhances the delivery of justice at any forum. It would be very noble if members of a society would take the responsibility of resolving their own disputes by creating a system of justice that fosters arbitration. This is a system that delivers justice outside the formal court justice framework.

The Role Of Agricultural Subsidies In The World Trade Organization (WTO) Negotiations,

There are different views on the reasons that have contributed to the stalled Doha Round of Trade Negotiations in the World Trade Organization. Most scholars as well as some WTO Members suggest that the main cause of the stalled negotiations is the controversy surrounding the negotiations in agriculture and particular the agriculture negotiations on subsidies.

Planning for the Location and Siting of Motor Vehicle Fuel Service Stations in Nairobi City, Kenya

The discovery of the motor vehicle in the early 20th century opened retailing of fuel as a commercial sub-sector allied to the car industry Individuals and trading companies organized fueling services using mobile tanks and later service stations were elected as independent business In Kenya the petroleum business dates back to pre-independence period with multinational companies dominating the industry.


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