The direct and indirect effects of road quality Improvement: a study of fertilizer use and Potato Yield in Kinangop division, Nyandarua District, Kenya

A survey of a number of studies, both empirical and theoretical, indicates a close link between road improvement and agricultural change. Improved roads provide rural people with access to markets, goods and services that are crucial to the development process. Despite this awareness, there is little information on the nature, scope and measurement of this relationship. This study analyzes the direct and indirect effects of the improvement of roads on fertilizer use and potato yield in Kinangop Division, Nyandarua District, Kenya. Kinangop is an agriculturally rich area.

The female autobiographical voice in Independent Kenya

This study sets out to analyse the female autobiographical voice In independent Kenya. The study investigates the body of female autobiographies as it exists In Kenya, focusing on the nature and function of autobiography as they exhibit themselves in the autobiographies under study. It takes a keen look at how the autobiographical voice enables the writers to narrate their stories as they analyse personal and social relationships. The study examines the female autobiographical voice as a tool for women's selfexploration and self-definition.

An assessment of the interaction between kikuyu customary marriage and Roman Catholic Church marriage

Although the church has been growing numerically, the adherence to its teaching on marriage is lacking and this is shown by the decline in the number of people who marry in church today. Even those already married in church, it appears that they find difficulty in channeling their marriages on church teachings on certain issues. Notwithstanding, some marriages today have remained quite unstable even among the faithfuls, This study is about the interaction between Kikuyu customary marriage and Roman Catholic Church marriage today.

The Emurwon - diviner/prophet - in the religion of the Iteso

This study focuses on the role of the diviner-prophet, that is, the emurwon, ih Iteso religion.It invistigates the presence, origin and functions of the diviner prophet in Iteso society. The Iteso are found in both Kenya and Uganda., Their language is called Ateso. The Ateso language has two main "variations" or "dialects": the version which is spoken by the Northern Iteso and that spoken by the Southern Iteso. Although the two versions are virtually the same language,there are differences in spellings, accent and meani.ngs of seemingly similar and identical words.

Ethnopharmacology, phytochemical composition and toxicity of medicinal plants used against livestock helminths in drylands

Medicinal plants are important natural resources in drylands for communities on which their livestock and other forms of livelihoods have been sustained based on traditional knowledge. However, lack of scientific basis of their biological activity has led to inadequate recognition of the value and acceptance of herbal medicine in livestock healthcare.

A Critique Of Christian Education For Self Reliance In Kenya In Light Of Existentialism

The rise of Christianity has affected every area of life in Kenya today. Eighty percent (80%) of Kenyans are arguably Christians. This study sought to address the negative influence of Christianity (particularly its determinism philosophy) in various educational settings. This discourse argued in support of existentialism as a philosophy necessary for self-reliance. This treatise discussed the Christian theory of truth and how if the same theory is upheld might lead to individual misery and societal dependency. Formal education is one single most factor that affects all spheres of life.

Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in postconflict societies: a case study of south Sudan

In the study of international conflict management, special interest in post-conflict peace building was developed since the question of peace-building has become the major focus in the contemporary world and more especially in the African continent, whose countries have suffered one civil war after the other, and therefore disturbing the societal balance in these countries. Various measures have been undertaken to try and reconstruct these post conflict societies and these include a whole range of what can be termed as peace support operations.

The role of radio broadcasting in enhancing farm production in rural Kenya: a case of radio Nam Lolwe in Kakelo location, Homa bay county

Radio has formed a key component in improving farm production by creating awareness among farmers about agricultural information and the availability of markets for their produce. This is expected to lead to food security, improved livelihoods, and national economies (Gomez, 1970). However, local farmers’ access to agricultural information has for long time remained very poor at various phases of the rural development as a result of the language radio uses to reach them (Nakabugu, 1999). This has prevented local farmers from participating in issues that concern them.

The spatio - temporal structure of periodic livestock markets and their associated Environmental effects in laikipia district, Kenya.

Lack of access to the market and poor Spatio- Temporal integration of the marketing space present one of the most serious drawbacks in Kenya's economic development.. The rural market centres of this nation are fundamentally built on a periodic marketing system and hence hold the key to Local. Regional and National articulation of exchange processes. The development of internal trading and marketing systems is therefore essential for a thriving market economy in Kenya in general and Laikipia district In particular. Thus the Periodic Marketing System can not be ignored.

Regulation of restrictive trade practices, mergers and concentration of economic power; a comparative study of competition law in Kenya, United States of America and Euroepean Union

This study looks at how the Kenyan law as evinced by the Restrictive Trade Practices, Monopolies and Prices Control Act, regulates restrictive trade practices, mergers and concentration of economic power in comparison to the law in the United States of America and European Union. It also analyzes how effective the Kenyan law is in regulation of the above restrictive trade practices. In chapter one, the study deals with the scope of the study. The concept of competition as well as the various theories of competition are discussed in fair detail.


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